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How to Find The Best Hardwood Floor Vacuum Cleaner

Hardwood FloorThere are multiple brands of vacuum cleaners in the market today, that it even becomes confusing when you go out looking to find the best hardwood floor vacuum cleaner. It is obvious that most vacuums do well on carpets, but not all of them will do well on hardwood floors. The first idea, therefore, is to ensure that you are selecting from a list of hardwood floor cleaners.

Consider the following tips to help you get the most appropriate:

Assess functionality and your needs first. This entails the size of your floor, and the kind of cleaning that you prefer. They will determine the style and complexity of a vacuum cleaner that you will settle for. You will then choose a simple vacuum for smaller floors, or a slightly advanced one which heats up and splashes water around.

Trust User Reviews

Prior to any purchase, you should take time to read customer reviews from trusted sites. It is not rational to start predicting the best cleaner. However, user reviews will tell you what experiences other people have had with the various brands. This is essential because you need to know the pros and cons of each brand before you make a purchase.


Price is an important consideration in whatever purchase. A good wood floor vacuum should lie between your budget ranges, so that you don’t strain financially. A high price does not necessarily need better quality. The sale price should be consistent with the kind of services that you expect.

Select The Right Style

Price is a determining factor in choosing the style, but you should make a choice before going to the market. You can either go for a bag-less cleaner, or one which has a bag. There are also those that are upright, while others are canister.


Warranties come in plenty nowadays, but it should be a helpful warranty. If you buy a vacuum today and it breaks up the next day, you should not have to spend another fortune to repair it. If it does not come with a warranty, you should obviously consider another brand. Parts break, and a good warranty should, therefore, spell out what parts it covers, and over what period of time.

Local vs. Online Purchase

There are big differences between local and online purchases. Buying locally means that you have the chance to look at what you’re buying, and even cut down on the shipping costs. However, online purchases also have their share of merits, such as bigger discounts, convenience, online vacuum reviews, and the advantage of having it shipped right to your doorstep.

Generally, when looking for the best vacuum cleaner for your hardwood floor, explore all the options that you have. Sift through the various brands, as you use these strategies, so that at the end you have a rough idea of what the best hardwood cleaner is going to be. Time is also of the essence. You should not hurry in making a purchase before you know what other brands will offer you.