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Best Air Freshener For a Large Room

Air FreshenerAir fresheners need to serve three functions; cooling, heating and air freshening. Cooling and heating are its major functions, and these are the main reasons why people buy them. Air conditioners are available today in different models and types. Their performance and efficiency depends on many variables such as the make, the intended use and the power rating.

How do they work?

Air fresheners work in a very easy way. They simply pull in the air from around the unit, where they will charge the particles in the air in such a way that the harmful particles, like bacteria and pet dander, stick to the filter. The air that does not stick to the filter simply travels through it and comes out on the other side clean and fresh. The freshener should have a powerful system for pushing air out so that you get clean air.

Benefits of Air Fresheners

An air freshener not only dispels a pleasant fragrance across the room, it also heightens the ambience of the physical space. When you walk into a room that has a pristine smell of fresh flowers, everything else fades into the background. The luxuriant fragrance can provide a high aesthetic value to a physical space in spite of its lighting and decor, which makes air fresheners an integral part of hotels, malls and office spaces. Apart from its aromatic properties, an air freshener has hygiene and health benefits as well. Automatic air fresheners dispel bad odor and keep air borne bacteria at bay allowing occupants to breathe fresh, scented air.

How to choose the right one for your room:

  1. Be clear about your needs. If you need it for heating, then choose the one which is more perfect for heating system, whereas if you need for cooling then pick the one that has been designed to be best at cooling.
  2. Check how much power voltage it requires, to be sure that it will serve your large room.

How to ensure your AC fully serves your large room:

  1. While your AC is on, close all the windows and doors of the concerned space; this way air will keep generating without air outside entering the space.
  2. Always clean its fan and compressor, at least after every one year. This will ensure efficiency and high performance.
  3. For cooling purposes, do not install it high in the room because cold air is heavy and will remain up. Try to have your air conditioning fixed at low levels in the rooms or halls.
  4. Before you turn on the AC, start its fan only; this will warm up the machine resulting in high efficiency.

One important aspect we tend to ignore is the scent of the room. A room could have the best of lights and the most fancy of furniture, but if the room has an offensive odor lingering in the air, the room would be devoid of people. Since the scent a room exudes is as important as the decor of the room, air fresheners are an important component of any large room’s ambience.