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How to Clean a Wool Rug at Home

If you own your home, purchasing a wool rug for is a great investment. Wool rugs apart from being aesthetically satisfying, they are durable and of high quality. Thus they form a great addition to your interior house decorations. Additionally, the soft fibers provide warmth and comfort beneath bare feet.

However, due to the thick quality of wool, there is usually a natural tendency of dirt and stains collecting in the fibers. Therefore it is important to ensure that you clean your rug on a regular basis. This enhances its durability.

Cleaning a wool rug might be confusing because proper cleaning must ensure that it is agreeable with your children and pets.

The process of cleaning wool rugs require some materials and tool to make it successful. The following are the necessary tools and materials:

  • A good vacuum
  • Rug beater (broom)
  • A professional wool cleaner/ Woolite/Shampoo
  • Clean cold water
  • Two buckets
  • Clean bath towel
  • Sponges (two)
  • Fan

Here are simple steps to help you out:

a) Remove your rug from the room and take it outside

The first thing you should do is to take it outside and shake off any loose dust and dirt from its fibers. These two are proven to be detrimental to the quality of your rug. As you undertake the process of shaking your rug:

  • The best method is to hang it from a clothing line, then beating it with a broom to help shake off the dust and dirt.
  • Make sure that it is fully dry. If it is wet, the dirt will get embedded instead of getting off the fibers.

b) Vacuuming

After you have shaken off the dust and dirt particles out, the next step is to run a vacuum over it. This could be inside or outside depending on power source location. This should involve three turns on each side to remove remaining dirt particles after the beating step.

Regular vacuuming is vital to clearing dirt buildup. This can be twice a month. Ensure that the vacuum has a high enough height so that the rug doesn’t get agitated. Agitation will lead to piling, shrinkage, and general damage to the wool fibers. This destroys the quality and I am certain you don’t want any of these.

c) Shampoo application

Once all the dirt has been removed, your next step will be to shampoo the rug. This is through the use a sponge. You are supposed to mix the Woolite or recommended amount of shampoo with cold water. Using the sponge, wash the fringes carefully. Ensure that you pay a lot of attention to the nap. The nap is the soft side of the rug.

You are supposed to apply the shampoo in the nap direction. To conclude the cleaning activity, rinse all the shampoo solution off with enough water. Make sure all the shampoo or Woolite has been cleared before proceeding to the next step.

d) Drying it out

Once it’s been washed it requires extensive drying to eliminate excessive moisture. You can use a fan or dry it under the sun to speed up the drying process. Do the following:

  • Begin with the nap of the rug and finish with the back. Ensure that both sides are fully dry before you can return it back to the floor.
  • Vacuum once more if it feels stiff after the drying process. This will help bring its softness back.

Bottom Line

The wool rug is an important inclusion in your home. It plays a significant role in offering warmth and comfort to your bare feet due to its soft fibers. However, for you to enhance your rug’s durability, ensure that you clean it regularly.