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How to Clean Your House Fast and Efficiently

House cleaning is inarguably a tedious task. It’s even more tiring for moms. A mother has to prepare food, do the laundry, and clean the house regularly.

Dirt and clutter will perpetually find its way to your house. With that said, you’ll be perpetually tired if you don’t utilize efficient ways in house cleaning. Remember, the time that you spend on cleaning isn’t directly proportional to how clean the house will be.

It’s not just about quick cleaning, but also efficient housekeeping. Here’s a simple guide on how to clean your house fast and efficiently. It has been broken down according to the different parts of your house.

I. Bedroom

Cleaning the bedroom(s) should just be a 10- or 20- minute task. Gather and place all the dirty clothes in a hamper. Refold or rehang the clean clothes.

All trash should be put in a trashcan. You can sort through the closet later. Remake the bed(s).

Strip off those old linens, replacing them with new ones that look crisp. Ensure to tuck the sheets in at the bed’s corners. Wipe down any furniture using a damp cloth.

Also, you can make use of a vacuum cleaner hose to eliminate dust and debris. Vacuum the whole bedroom, starting from one end to another. You ought to end at the door.

II. Living Room

If there are items in the living room that belong in different places, you can first put them into a container. It’ll save you time from rushing between rooms to put those items.

You can now focus on the couch. Look out for any dust, pet hair, and food crumbs. Brush them off and fluff the pillows.

You can then dust your coffee table, neatly stacking items on it. Neatly arrange books and magazines. Finally, you’ll want to vacuum the space, only moving furniture that’s light.

III. Bathroom

If there are any used towels or dirty clothing, you ought to put them in a hamper. Then, you can wipe down the sink, tub, and counters using a disinfectant cleaning spray. Make use of a toilet cleaner and brush to scrub the toilet properly.

A glass cleaner will help you quickly wipe down the mirrors. Return all of the items to where they belong and sort through them later when you’ve got more time. Don’t forget to sweep the floor, too.

IV. Kitchen

In case some items don’t belong in the kitchen, place them in a container to sort through later. Clear trash from the cupboards and countertops. Wash any dirty dishes by hand or just load the dishwasher.

Using warm, soapy water will help remove any stuck-on residue on the plates. Once you’re washing the dishes, wipe down the sink, countertops, and other appliances. You can mop or sweep the floor.

Keep Everything Organized

Everything ought to be in its right place. As such, you have to assign a ‘right place’ for every important aspect of your house. Use pill boxes for the medicines, dish dispensers for the dishes, and specialized stands for the spices.

Investing in organizer boxes or good cabinetry would be wise. By mastering the art of proper organizing, you’ll find it easy to categorize and clean clutter. Don’t forget to take out all the trash.

Have the Right Cleaning Equipment

You’ll face many battles when it comes to cleaning your house. You’ll combat clutter, molds, stains, dust, and bad odor. It’s thus important that you have everything you’d need for eliminating such things.

  • You can get cloth pieces which are specially designed to attract ancient and stubborn dust particles in the house
  • Sweepers work perfectly for the ceilings and floors
  • Top quality vacuum cleaners, brushes, and mops will be of great essence in keeping your house clean
  • A plastic bag can serve as a trash bin
  • You can use natural, homemade scented sprays to end the cleaning task

Such equipment should be readily available when needed.

Stay Motivated and Focused

A golden tip is to limit distractions as you do the cleaning. Don’t stop to check emails or watch soap opera. That would only slow down the cleaning time. You can play your favorite music to keep the cleaning time energized.

Follow a Logical Order

Start upstairs, cleaning from top to bottom. Avoid circling a particular section more than once. Before moving on, clean everything that’s in your path.

Last Note

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve unexpected guests coming or just want to create a more organized, tidy space. The above steps and tips will speed up cleaning your house while ensuring the process is as efficient as possible.

Cleaning the whole house can take all day. But, the tips listed above will save you a significant deal of time, in addition to creating a spotless living space.