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Handheld Vacuums: A 21st Century Remedy

The twenty first century world depends a lot on modern technologies for remedies. Surely, handheld vacuums are one of those helpful modern technologies. They are usually cordless and rechargeable cleaners.

Handheld Vacuums For Hardwood Floor

These usually have dual functions which works smoothly on both wet and dry messes on solid surfaces. This makes them the best hardwood floor vacuums around.

Hardwood FloorHandheld Vacuum For Carpet

Due to its wet and dry function it can also be used in case of carpets as they work perfectly for both hard surfaces as well as soft surfaces like that of a carpet.

Dirty Carpet

Handheld Vacuum For Pet Hair

These handheld cleaners are also used in removing pet hair from floors, sofas, curtains, chairs and more. The vacuum swoops up pet hairs in a blink of an eye mainly due to its cyclonic action. Thanks to its portable nature, you are able to finally eliminate pet hair from your life without having to strain your back bending over at every location that needs cleaning.

Corded versus Cordless

Nowadays both corded and cordless vacuums are found though both are distinct. Cordless vacuums are designed to operate using a battery pack instead of using a cord plugged into a power source. Most models come with a charging station which allows recharging the batteries in between uses. Thankfully the user of a cordless vacuum while cleaning an area does not have to deal with a long cord which may get underfoot while cleaning the floor. Hence it speeds up the cleaning process. Comparatively they are lighter and so easier to move.

Corded vacuum cleaners involve a cord which may be plugged into a wall outlet for power source. Unlike the cordless the corded vacuums never runs the risk of running out of power and also in case of corded vacuums the user does not have to worry about the durability of the battery life. Other than that comparatively due to its motorized brush it is more effective when it comes to removing pet hair or dirt from carpet fibers.

Wet /Dry Functionality

Wet/Dry vacuums are basically specialized form which can be used in both indoor and outdoor to accommodate different moisture levels. Due to this property, handheld vacuums can be used in both hardwood floor and soft carpet.


The weight of vacuum cleaners varies from model to model so they are categorized into lightweight and heavyweight Though the lightweight cleaners are easier to move so you should look for powerful vacuum cleaner which weighs less.

Suction Power

The suction power is basically the maximum pressure difference which the pump can
create. So the higher the suction power the more powerful the vacuum cleaner. Hence the cleaner with higher suction power is more effective.

Battery life

The battery life of cordless vacuums is a subject to debate. The battery life varies from model to model and it also depends on how you use it. Nowadays the leading brands tend to give warranty on batteries. A cleaner with warranty on battery is a safer option for the buyer.

Recharge Time

Charge life also varies .in few models it lasts around 15 minutes whereas there are some
available which lasts as long as 45 minutes.


Most handheld units have an average capacity between 2 to 4 liters.