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Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners in 2016

iRobot Vacuum CleanerTechnological advancements in robotics have led to the use of smart and self-navigating robotic vacuum cleaners. The best choice encompasses a balance between cost and functionality. The main criteria for selecting one include:

  • Intelligent path finding: A good robotic vacuum provides unsupervised coverage of at least half your total space. It should also be able to return to its home base after a cleaning cycle. This automation aspect, after all, defines the entire need for a robotic system.
  • Noise factor: Vacuuming can get noisy but an ideal robotic vacuum comes with an inherent muffing technology for a less noisy cleaning session.
  • Recharging: The best choice for a robot vacuum is one that is readily and easily rechargeable.
  • Maintenance cost: Given the sensitive nature,you should consider one with friendly and comprehensive warranty terms and technical after-sales support.

Here is a short list of top robot vacuums based on a number of criteria including quality, price, effectiveness, operating time, performance, and navigation:

Neato XV Signature Pro

Neato XV11 Robotic Vacuumbot You can use this versatile model on floor surfaces like vinyl, carpet, tile and hardwood. It operates using a virtual map and a high precision Laser Guided Navigation for optimal coverage and includes boundary markers.

Another feature is a schedule module to preset instructions.The model’s great suction and filters guarantee you a clean,dirt and allergen-free area. The Neato XV has a bagless dirt bin with a full-bin indicator which makes the emptying process much easier for you.

With many other high performance features for your convenience such as a cliff sensor, spot mode, battery charge indicator and consequent return to charging base, the product cons are limited to a noisy operation and a small bin.

iRobot Roomba 880

The robot efficiently cleans different floor designs and incorporates extractors to remove stubborn debris. You can achieve convenient scheduled cleaning with this robotic. It has a return-to-base feature,a relatively small charge time of only 2 hours and great operating time of up to 4 hours due to inherent long battery life.The iRobot Roomba comes with high performance filters that improved your indoor quality by removing dirt and allergens.

Other features include removable caster wheels. The robotic comes with a removable dirt bag, which you can quickly access with a button. The size is however quite small and may not be sufficient to collect all dirt and debris especially in a large space.

Yujin Iclebo Arte

The robotic operates with a back and forth random pattern and smart sensor technology entailing multi-room navigation for effective cleaning of all your floor surfaces . It also includes an auto-return mechanism to the charging base and boundary markers and effective cliff sensors for areas such as the staircase. With this robotic you can schedule your cleaning and it also provides for height adjustment. It is a feature-rich vacuum with matched functionality.

Infinuovo Clean Mate QQ-3

Notable features include UV light to kill bacteria while cleaning your home, scheduled cleaning and auto-return to home base . It works well on various floor surfaces and low-pile carpeted area. The dual roller brush arrangement and larger dustbin enhances the model’s debris handling capacity.

A multi-featured and high performance robotic vacuum is a viable investment and is exactly what your home needs, saving you from the encumbrance of manual vacuuming.