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Pros and Cons of Small Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner

Lightweight Vacuum CleanerThe days of lugging heavy beasts around are numbered and small lightweight machines doing the same job becomes more in demand. Have you ever actually sat and thought which part of your household chores are the most annoying? No not ironing, but hoovering your home, including the hard floors, carpets, stairs, and crevices.

It takes a serious session of sweaty hard work, difficult maneuvering around furniture, followed by backache. The advantages of smaller machines are in abundance:

  • Lighter and smaller
  • Less expensive
  • Can be used in any area including cars
  • Are often multi-functional as upright and converting to a small handheld
  • Corded and cordless options
  • As powerful as its big counterparts
  • Easy to store

Eureka Lightweight Easy Clean 166DX

This is a brilliant small lightweight machine resembling a toy. That is your first impression, as it is feather light and bright yellow with the extended size comparable to your son’s baseball bat. That is where it stops though because your first impression of its suction power is lasting. It is powerful in sucking up a build-up of pet hair, dust, and debris.

It has an extendable handle and crevice tool and does not need to be your backup cleaner as without the height extender you carry it in your hand for upholstery and cars for example. This little vac has more pros than cons, rest assured. If you want to complain about the cord being too short, use an extension cord! Other users complain it is too noisy, but that also hardly justify as negative, for all its power from a small machine weighing only 4.4 pounds.

Dirt Devil Simpli-Stik SD2000RED

It has only one heavy factor and that is its long name. It weighs only 3.8 pounds and you can use it in upright motion or hand held mode making it even smaller and lighter. This machine has a 16-foot cord and crevice tool with no bag as you simply push a button and dump the dirt.

The cons are very few, as with other small lightweight machines, it seems to be too loud. The filter will have to be replaced on a regular basis or you will have to remove it quite often to get rid of hair and debris. The crevice tool is a bit on the short side and makes reaching in deeper tight corners difficult.

Eureka EasyClean Handheld Vacuum, 71B

One of the very best vacuums is the slightly more expensive Eureka, but worth every dollar. It has a washable filter and Bagless and weighing only 4.8 pounds. It is actually impossible to find any cons in this device and you can buy it with an easy heart. It does the job at hand with powerful suction and a cleaning path of 6 inches.

The cord length is 20 feet with an attachable crevice tool for small spaces. The Riser Visor technology used makes it stand out with a plastic cover flipping up for the revolving brush to clean vertical upholstery or stairs. When cleaning horizontal surfaces the plastic cover stays down.

The three above mentioned are not the only ones for easy convenient cleaning, but in my opinion some of the best vacuums for the money.